Long-Term-Care Insurance!
To be eligible for coverage you cannot be already receiving long-term-care with serious health impairments.
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Seven Common Myths Of Long-Term-Care
  •  A Government program will take care of me.
  •  I can save the money I'd use for Long-Term-Care services.
  •  Only old people need Long-Term-Care services.
  •  I can't Afford Long-Term-Care Insurance.
  •  I don't need a separate Long-Term-Care protection policy because I have health insurance.
  •  Long-Term-Care protection pays for nursing home care only.
  •  We don't need Long-Term-Care protection because we have each other.
Forevercarenow's Awesome Features
  •  Premiums are guaranteed never to increase.  
  •  Unlimited lifetime long term care benefit period. 
  •  Guaranteed return of premium. 
  •  The Long Term Care policy can cover two lives with a single policy and provide Long Term Care benefits to each.
  •  Long Term Asset care can provide life insurance benefits even if Long Term Care is never needed. 
  •  Long Term Care insurance can be funded with a single upfront premium or premiums may be funded on a flexible payment basis. 
  •  Long Term Care benefits can cover expenses incurred at home, in adult day care, at an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home. 
  •  If you purchase a Long Term Care policy with two insured (for example, a husband and wife, siblings, partners), the long-term care benefits are available to both insured. Unused benefits are paid to your beneficiaries after the last insured’s death.
Simply Sign In On The Form Above to Get Your Free E-book
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